• The objective of the GAA is to encourages its individuals/chapters/year groups/group members to organize events that would ultimately strengthen the GSTS Alumni Family, and our alma mater GSTS. To do that, we suggest events that foster camaraderie, networking, fundraising, health awareness and any event ideas that would positively impact our membership, the GAA and GSTS.


    We cannot anticipate all the types of events that may be organized by the GAA, Alumni Groups or even its members, however, the Association encourages its members to sponsor or organize a few specific events during each calendar year. The organizers of these events may include as many elements/activities to achieve their aims and support the objectives of the GAA.

    All GAA Member Groups are encouraged to organize:

    Regular General and Executive Meetings (if possible on monthly basis) – No Approval from the GAA is required and each group should fashion out its own schedule and agenda. This is highly recommended because Chapters/Year Groups that meet infrequently tend to become defunct.

    We also encourage Alumni Members/Groups to sponsor and/or organize the following programs in conjunction or on behalf of the GAA.

    1. Annual General Meeting of the GAA – This is a business meeting of the GAA as defined by relevant portions of the GAA Constitution. Although delegates of the General Assembly, the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and Standing Committees members are required to attend, any Giant may attend even if they have no voting rights.
    2. Annual Homecoming Celebration – This is an annual celebratory event during which all alumni descend on the GSTS campus for various activities mostly for entertainment, sports, fundraising, networking and interactions with alumni and students. It is recommended that each year’s Annual Homecoming is sponsored by a specific year group.
    3. Sponsored-Talk/Seminar – This event should sponsor a speaker preferably an alumnus to give a talk or seminar at the school which shall be opened to students, staff, alumni and invited guests. If funding permits some light refreshments for the event would be appreciated.
    4. Speech and Prizing Giving Day – This is an annual school-organized event which shall be supported by the GAA/Sponsoring Year Group(s)/ Chapters. Sponsorships may include but not limited to providing prizes, as well as picking up some of the cost associated event.
    5. Sponsored Career Talk – This is an annual event where selected alumni go to the school to educate students on career choices available to them.
    6. Annual Fundraising Dinner – This is should be geared towards fundraising as well as entertaining Giants. The event is opened to all Giants as well as well-wishers of GSTS, parents and the general public. This event needs to be a paid event.
    7. Teachers and Staff Awards Night – This event is dedicated to honoring teachers and staff at GSTS in recognition of the contributions to the school, the GAA and the sponsoring year group. Various prizes are given to teachers, staff and in some cases the spouses of teachers who have passed on.
    8. Annual Graduation Dinner (Graduating SSS3 class) – This is a special dinner to be organized for graduating students at GSTS. During this dinner all students would be inducted into “Gianthood” (the GAA)
    9. Reunion(s) – These are events where various groups come together for celebration; to have fun, catch up with each other after many years of separation. Reunions can take various forms. They can be combined with fundraising, launching or commissioning projects, sponsoring events. Reunions do not have to involve only year groups. There can be reunions for Houses, and Clubs such as the Choir, Cadets etc.
    10. Other Events (networking events, student fairs, barbecues, parties, sport/fitness/health awareness etc)