GSTS Alumni are found all over the world. Giants are usually organized into Chapters based on geographical locations, year groups and various interest groups. Below is a list of some of the GSTS Alumni groups around the world. If you are looking for a long lost classmate or want to hang out with Giants in your neighborhood start by looking through this list. This list would be updated periodically so please keep coming back. If there are no Giant Groups where you live, you can easily start one. Contact the GAA Secretariat for information on how to get started.



    The GAA blog features a deep dive into topics and issues of interest to stimulate debate, educate, find solutions, and share knowledge. The comments section encourages healthy but respectful give and take. Alumni are encouraged to submit interesting articles on just about any topic.



    Our work places are increasingly fast-paced, technologically-driven professional environments. The Giants alumni network is a great way to meet other Giants in just about any industry whether you’re looking for a job, seeking expert advice, starting a business, or keeping abreast of industry trends in your chosen field or area of interest. Here is your opportunity to leverage the Alumni network to your personal and professional benefit.



    What will we do without WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the selfies? The GAA recognizes the power of social media to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. We encourage all members to join any of our many social media groups and engage with old friends.