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    GAA Governance

    The GAA’s governance structure is comprised of the General Assembly, Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and Standing Committees. Ad hoc committees, task forces and working groups may also be established for specific purposes and for limited periods. All positions in the Governing Body of GAA are voluntary and carry no remuneration except for approved incidental expenses, or those employed by the Association or for contracts officially sanctioned by the Association.

    General Assembly

    The General Assembly is the policy making body of the GAA. It votes on proposals, nominations, and advises the Nominations and Elections Committee in the fulfilment of its duties. The General Assembly also plays an important role in the governance of the Association such as voting on the Annual Budgets, Strategic Plans and all Annual Reports presented by the Executive Committee prior to implementation.

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    Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees is the advisory, investigatory, arbitration, and resolution body of the Association. It is tasked with ensuring that the association’s actions are consistent with the letter and spirit of this Constitution and Bylaws. The Board’s powers of resolution include the suspension or removal of an individual Trustee, Executive or Standing Committee Member or an entire committee.

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    Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is responsible for the GAA’s day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Associations long and short term goals by acting on the Association’s behalf to execute Proposals considered by the Standing Committees and approved by the General Assembly. The Executive Committee also provides timely updates, reports and/or present proposals, ideas, requests, budgets and the like to the general active membership and Board of Trustees for discussion.

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    Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee summarizes the work (Proposals) of the various committees and presents them to the General Assembly for an up or down vote. Once a Proposal from any Standing Committee is voted for by the General Assembly, the Steering Committee shall forward it to the Executive Committee for action.


    Standing Committees

    The Standing Committees generally originate,  develop,  plan,  budget,  advise, support,  reject  and  campaign  for  proposals  that  come  before  them for onward forwarding to the General Assembly via the Steering Committee. The Standing Committees also offer help, expertise and advice to the Executive Committee when necessary or required,



    • Alumni Affairs and Membership – is task with Membership drives and other Membership related issues.
    • Budget and Finance – is responsible for the strategic financial planning and stability of the Association, including the Annual budget.
    • Marketing and Publicity – is responsible for all the marketing and public relations including traditional and social media, as well as help with updating the Association’s website etc.
    • Events and Planning – is tasked with helping the Executive Committee to plan and organize events including meetings, fundraisers etc., and collaborates with other committees to ensure the success the of GAA events.
    • Fundraising and Capital Campaign – is responsible for developing creative fund raising ideas, and formulating Annual Fundraising and Capital Campaign strategy and execution.
    • Projects and Infrastructure – is responsible for working with all stakeholders to develop a Master Plan for the school, identify opportunities and offer technical advice on new constructions and renovations at the school. The committee also develops a categorized list of projects for year groups, chapters and friends of the school to adopt.
    • Students Affairs – is responsible for working closely with students and staff to identify immediate and long-term needs and concerns, help develop solutions, and ensure cordial relations between students and staff and the alumni community.
    • Nominations and Elections – is responsible for organizing all Elections of the GAA; publishing election criteria, candidates’ names, screening, vetting, elections schedules, nomination procedures and any information necessary for running free and fair elections, and has sole responsibility for announcing the election results.
    • Judiciary – has sole authority and responsibility to interpret the provisions of the GAA constitution, and is the final appellate body in all judicial matters. These include, but not limited to, rights of appeal, arbitration, election petitions, procedural matters, etc. This Committee is also responsible for swearing in all the Principal Officers of the Association.


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