• Giants are a mischievous lot; while we’re scattered all over the geographical map, we’re almost always involved in doing something noteworthy. To stay abreast with the latest alumni news or what is happening at GSTS such as news on sports, competitions, which Giant got figuratively and literally “ponded”, etc. click on the links below

    • GAA News

      What has the GSTS Alumni Association (GAA) been doing lately? Are they ridding the school of bedbugs? Are they building a new bore hole or installing a new generator for students at GSTS? Maybe they are giving scholarships to students. If you want to know the latest news CLICK HERE to find out more.

    • GSTS in the News

      The current crop of students at GSTS are as amazing as the many Giants who have passed through the gates of GSTS. It is not surprising that now and then they make the national news. CLICK HERE to read about the headline news from our alma mater.

    • Chapter/Year Group News

      GSTS groups (year, chapter and affinity) are very active and forms the core of the GAA. At any particular time one group or the other may be engaged in activities to socialize, help each or more importantly help our alma mater GSTS. CLICK HERE to read more about news from year, affinity groups or chapters.

    • Announcements

      In order to stay engaged with Giants, the GAA Secretariat post regular updates and encourages Giants and groups to send in their announcements to be posted on our Announcement Page. CLICK HERE to read announcements.